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Please download, print, and complete the appropriate documents from above and deliver them to our front desk, fax documents to (904) 268-5873, or email

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Release of Medical Records to Patients

Release of Medical Records to Us
Transfer of Medical Records From Us

Downloadable PDFs

Easily download Dr. Hartman's value specific handouts by clicking on the underlined titles below. The downloadable documents are guidelines to support the immune system and would not constitute primary treatment of cancer or any other ailment.

Adrenal Fatigue
Allergy and Sinus


Anxiety Depression

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cognitive Function

Herbals Supp Lyme Bart Bab

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Low Dose Naltrexone

Lyme -No Immunologic Memory

Lyme Article

Lyme Impediments

Lyme, Bart & Bab Symptoms


Pain Treatment

Thyroidism- Hyper or Hypo

Urinary Tract Infections

Vitamin C Eyedrops

Weight Loss

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Vitamin C and Cancer

Cancer Immune Support

Circulating Tumor Cell Count

Alternative Cancer Solution

Phosphatidyl Choline and Glutathione

Vitamin C IV forming H2O2

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