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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

This is a therapy that employs miniscule energy flow to treat medical conditions. The amount of power that is used is 1/100,000 of what would blow a fuse in your car's circuits. You might wonder how such a tiny amount of current could have any effect. Power at this level is in the same range as the energy flow at which the cells operate, so this therapy actually changes the electromagnetic field around the cells. Microcurrent in general has been shown to increase ATP production five-fold. Boosting energy in the mitochondria, the body's power plants, is a very valuable tool (when was the last time you complained about too much energy??).

            Frequency specific microcurrent adds another benefit by actually removing a targeted pathology from a targeted tissue. It works something like the way that a singer can hit exactly the right note to make a crystal glass shatter, or in lithotripsy where ultrasound shatters a kidney stone, or when you see in a movie where a laser beam explodes a rock. What is happening in each of these scenarios is that the glue holding together the crystal, the kidney stone, or the rock is characterized by a specific frequency. When a frequency is generated that is exactly 1800 opposite the frequency of the glue, both are cancelled out. There is no glue holding together the crystal, stone, or rock, so it shatters. If you believe in the concept of cellular memory, frequency specific microcurrent acts as though it removes the energy of that pathology from the field of the cells. A classic example is using the FSM (frequency specific microcurrent) concussion protocol to treat someone who has had some sort of head injury. It's well known that when boxers or athletes have repeated concussions, it takes less and less trauma to produce a larger and larger neurologic effect. This is not a situation where there has been an actual bleed or hemorrhage inside the brain, but rather bouncing the brain around makes it act like when a computer needs to be re-booted or re-set. By taking the energy message of trauma out of the brain cells' electromagnetic field, the concussion protocol re-sets the brain so it can function properly again.

            There are hundreds of frequency codes for conditions and tissues in FSM, allowing treatment of a myriad of medical problems including allergies, asthma, immune dysfunction, infections (virus, fungal, bacterial, and protozoal), pain, nerve problems, shingles, menstrual cramps, endometriosis, fibroids, liver injury, kidney problems, macular degeneration, and many more. There are conditions for which there is no traditional medical treatment, but FSM can work amazingly well. It's wonderful to have a therapy that is painless and harmless, but so incredibly effective. How many drugs or medical therapies can boast that sort of side effect profile? Dr. Hartman has been using this therapy with essentially every patient she has seen for the last 12 years and finds it invaluable.



A Microcurrent session in office is $50 for 60 minutes of therapy. We use 3 machines to work on at least 3, if not 4-6 different treatment programs



Established patients are also able to rent or purchase a Custom Care Machine; please call or email for more information.



Instructions on how to Operate a Custom Care Microcurrent Machine (Downloadable Link)

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"The Resonance Effect"  (Amazon Book Link)
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