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Service Fees

New Patient Visit

New Patient Consult; Pediatric (1-hour)                 $410.00              
New Patient Consult; General Well (2-hour)          $715.00              
New Patient Consult; Mildly Complex (3-hour)    $895.00              
New Patient Consult; Highly Complex (4-hour)    $1,195.00 

Established Patient Provider Time

All Follow-up visits are scheduled for sixty minutes (1 hour).

If the full scheduled time is not needed, the patient will only be charged for the provider time spent.

However, if the patient requires more time, the doctor will bill accordingly.

If a patient has a question or needs guidance outside of a scheduled visit, the provider is available through the patient portal to send a brief request.

Please understand a charge will apply for the time spent in the response.

Fee Schedule as follows:

5 Minutes        $30.00
10 Minutes      $60.00

15 Minutes      $85.00
30 Minutes      $180.00
45 Minutes      $265.00

60 Minutes      $350.00
75 Minutes      $435.00
90 Minutes      $520.00

105 Minutes    $605.00

120 Minutes    $690.00

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